meetup #10


Learn how to use SMART on FHIR in the real world, based on our experts' speech about integrating it with three major EMR companies, challenges and difficulties when building apps using SMART on FHIR, and more!

Thursday, 11 AM PT

Meetup #10

Discover how this cutting-edge technology is improving patient care and outcomes by making it easier for healthcare providers to access and use patient data.

Unlock the full potential of SMART on FHIR with our community experts' guides on real world integration with three major EMRs, navigating the challenges and how to overcome difficulties when building SMART on FHIR applications, and more other things to elevate your understanding in the field.

Watch the video to hear from experts like Health IT Domain Lead Gasper Andrejc, Software Engineer Vlad Ganshin, Head of Product Brendan Keeler, and Senior Product Software Engineer Vishwasrao Salunkhe.

If you have any questions about SMART on FHIR, you can ask them on the HealthDevHub Slack channel.



10:50 AM PT
Join call & intros ~10 min
11:00 AM PT
FHIR Meetup opening~10 min
11:10 AM PT
SMART on FHIR In The Real World. Gasper Andrejc,  Parsek~15 min
11:25 AM PT
Q&A Session ~5 min
11:30 AM PT
SMART On FHIR and Ways To Implement Security Policies. Vlad Ganshin, Health Samurai
11:45 AM PT
Q&A Session ~5 min
11:50 AM PT
An Implementer's Journey Through Divergent Authorization. Brendan Keeler, Flexpa
12:05 AM PT
Q&A Session ~5 min
12:10 AM PT
SMART on FHIR Demo application which demonstrate steps into SMART on FHIR flow. Vishwasrao Salunkhe, Wolters Kluwer
12:25 AM PT
Q&A Session ~5 min
12:30 AM PT
SMART on FHIR roundtable (~45 min)~30 min
February 16, 2023
11:00 AM -1:15 PM PT
Recorded meetup
Free of charge

Topics & Speakers

SMART on FHIR In The Real World
Gasper will describe how they've used SMART on FHIR to integrate three major EMR companies with their solution that's being used for online multidisciplinary tumor boards. All of that required extensive alignment both on data level as well as on the semantic part of interoperability. In this talk, Gasper will cover how they've set out to handle those requirements as well as the problems they've stumbled along the way.
  • SMART on FHIR out in the wild
  • Multiple parallel SMART on FHIR integrations with a common denominator
  • How much it is plug'n play, and how much it is not

Gasper Andrejc

Health IT Domain Lead at Parsek
// Bio
Gašper is a Health IT Domain Lead at Parsek, a product based company with offices in the Netherlands, UK, and Slovenia that specializes around use-case driven solutions for professionals as well as for patients throughout the world. His daily tasks include research & development of existing health IT standards and frameworks, with a purpose of specialized development activities, such as integrating different systems into an interoperable solution. He's in charge of designing interoperable architecture, taking lead on implementations and making sure their solutions are standards compliant. He's been working in the domain for more than 8 years.
SMART On FHIR and Ways To Implement Security Policies
Smart on FHIR specifies delegated authorization process. It expects you already have your security policies applied in the system. In this talk I will consider different implementations of access control and how Smart on FHIR can be integrated into it.

Vlad Ganshin

Software Engineer at Health Samurai
// Bio
I graduated ITMO University at Saint Petersburg as a software engineer. I worked in telecom, then in 2019 I joined Health Samurai and dived into healthcare IT.
An Implementer's Journey Through Divergent Authorization
  • Flexpa connect to many FHIR servers
  • A walkthrough of the wide variety of implementations.

Brendan Keeler

Head of Product at Flexpa
// Bio
An experienced project and product manager in the US and internationally with a focus on interfacing and integrating healthcare systems. Pushes beyond those boundaries with a strong comprehension of healthcare clinical and financial workflows and experience leading non-interface areas of implementations. A deep technical understanding of developing, certifying, implementing, and supporting all relevant industry standards and methodologies, including HL7, DICOM, CDA, FHIR, and vendor APIs. Passionate about enabling interoperability between healthcare organizations and cultivating a fun, positive work culture.
SMART on FHIR Demo application which demonstrate steps into SMART on FHIR flow
  • Register App with EHR (one-time step)
  • Launch App: EHR Launch
  • Retrieve .well-known/smart-configuration
  • Obtain authorization code
  • Obtain access token
  • Access FHIR data

Vishwasrao Salunkhe

Senior Product Software Engineer at Wolters Kluwer
// Bio
Vishwasrao is an IT professional with more than 12+ years of experience in Software development in Healthcare, Life sciences and Medical device field. Mostly working on backend development, Cloud and IoT Space.
SMART on FHIR roundtable
Nikolay will host the event and generally create a welcoming environment for invited guests and speakers.

Nikolay Ryzhikov

CTO at Health Samurai
// Bio
Nikolay is a CTO at Health Samurai and technical leader of the Aidbox FHIR Platform with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT. Since 2012 has been actively contributing to the FHIR standard, and popular open-source projects like Fhirbase, FHIR.js. Author of the FHIR-first development approach and regular speaker of FHIR events.

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