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A private community for CTOs, VPs, solutions architects, and senior engineers in digital health. Forge new connections, gain actionable insights, and discuss how to design the best software solutions for healthcare.

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HealthDevHub is a live chat for technical decision-makers in digital health. Joining the community is free, provided your interests are a cultural fit.

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  • What is the community about?

    Our motivation is to bring together technical experts in digital health to collaborate and make better decisions.

    Connect with like-minded people to:
    - Share experiences and help each other
    - Ask the community for advice
    - Test your ideas with experienced professionals and receive feedback
    - Hold brainstorming sessions and find the best solutions
    - Broaden your professional horizons and apply your new knowledge

  • Who are the members of HealthDevHub?

    Digital health technical decision-makers including:
    - CTOs
    - VPs of engineering & development
    - Solutions architects
    - Senior software engineers

    We keep the community professional and clean, and every application is reviewed manually.

  • What topics are discussed?

    Everything to do with the design, dev, and deployment of digital health solutions
    - Systems design and architecture
    - Integrations: data quality and integrity
    - Application of standards: HL7 FHIR, OpenEHR, HL7v2, CDA etc.
    - Analytics, reporting and data science
    - Deployment, maintenance, and infrastructure
    - Security and compliance: HIPAA, GDPR, ONC, CMS

    You're more than welcome to start discussions on other topics you find relevant!

  • Who can join?

    If you're a technical decision-maker and fit into the following categories:
    - CTOs
    - VPs of engineering & development
    - Solutions architects
    - Senior or lead software engineers
    pleasefill out the form and submit a request.

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We keep the community professional and clean, making sure it remains a valuable place for technical decision-makers in digital health.

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